A mysterious adventure based on Japanese PC games from the early-1980’s to the mid-term

The age when there was neither the Internet nor a smartphone.

The PC adventure game enjoyed by displaying colorful still images on the CRT display at the time was an attractive “other world” for elementary and junior high school students.

More than 10000 days have passed since that day.

The video game released at such time is the “new other world” beyond the ENDING you have yet remembered or have not seen!


  • This is a mysterious Visual Novel game set in the night city.
  • Players play several adventure games in the world of stories. And we explore the “real world truth” cleverly hidden among them.
  • The adventure game that can be played in this game is modeled after the existing mid-1980s PC game. Elements such as low-resolution graphics and absurd solutions stimulate the nostalgia of the player who played them in real time. At the same time, they offer young gamers a world of fresh stories.

Product member


Character Design / Graphic / Art Direction

A notable illustrator / graphic designer who builds and develops his own art world with popular free games such as “Kokurase” and “Soumatou Syoujo Gen ei”.

October Child


An composer based in Norway who is strongly influenced by electronic music represented by Jon Hopkins and Japanese animation music represented by “CLANNAD”.


Sound / Sound Effect / Sound Direction

A composer and sound director from Kyoto. While producing corporate CM and PV music, he oversees chiptune / electronica’s specialty label “Last Parade Record”.


Planning / Scenario / Graphic

A freelance reporter who has been involved in game media since 1990. After starting an indie game coverage in 2013, I started to make my own games.


Product specifications

Retro Game Aliens レトロゲーム エイリアンズ

Game Type : Visual Novel

Platform : Windows / Mac / etc.

Target age: All

developer : qbert

Release : Spring 2020

©2019 qbert